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Welcome to Wright Place. I hope you'll find many links here to interest you. Enjoy your stay

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Blindshell Classic II

here you can download both the user manual in text and quick guide audio
Quick guide

Doc's Stream

Family times stream guide:
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I now have an alexa skill. Ask your smart speaker to enable wrightjams family times. then in future ask it to open wrightjams Familytimes.

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we are also on Ootunes. Just look for Family Times or enter the URL:

Walking in Victory TeamTalk server

You can download teamTalk here

the link below should take you to the server.
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For mobile devices

Walking in victory

We have devotionals Monday - Saturday at 5am pacific - 8am Eastern. There is a bible study on Friday evenings where we are dcurrantly discussing the book of Proverbs 28. Everyone reads from their chosen translation of the bible and we discuss the verses and the difference in how they are written. We meet at 5pm pac -8pm east.


the Love Dare

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iPhone ringtones
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books of the bible from shortest to longest
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King James and New King james bibles for braille displays
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Bible Experience: (audio)
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word of Promise

easy to read bible(text)
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New Living translation(doc)

the Message(text)

good News translation(text)

complete Jewish bible(text)

New International version 1984

Station Playlist

If you ever had a desire of running your own radio station Station Playlist is the way to go.
Station Playlist SPL

Truth for Life

Beth's Blessing

Beth's Blessing

Teen Challenge exists to provide youth, adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Beth's Blessing

this is a great blessing to bring back that loved one who is struggling with her demons. Let's do what we can individuals as well as churches to support organizations like this to rescue our lost and store up our treasures in heaven.

Remember when we plant the seed of God's word and it blooms within a lost heart we are storing up treasures in heaven that will not rust or decay.

E-sword bible

Here is an accessible bible that works with Jaws E-sword Bible

e-sword home pagea>

GBJ Imaging

where quality in technology comes first!
GBJ Imaging

Cookbook Corner

This is a work in progress. It will take quite a while to get all of my recipes posted. The link below willl take you to a table of contents of which Appetizers is the only link available at this time. I will make more links available as i get them done.

Table of contents Downloadable cookbook

white cane Industries for the blind

Do you have a cane that has been stripped of its dignity? Maybe its life's string has been broken. Or maybe its just not Tip top anymore. Well, these small problems can be fixed for you. contact us and we can tell you what we can do to bring life back to your cane.

Spoken Word Ministries

braille Audio
a growing Christian Resource Library
Braille Audio

Interactive Christian Community
Join the Interactive Christian Community for Sunday School, Scripture study, prayer and fellowship

Bible Gateway

Ever get stumped by a particular verse in the bible? Here you'll find many translations to consult.
Bible Gateway

Learning voiceover keyboard commands for iOS and Mac

keyboard commands for iOS Learning the Mac Learning the Mac brf format >/a>

Colorado Blind Bowling Association

STRIKE!> Another perfect game!

Join the Colorado Blind Bowlers Association as we combine competition and fun.
Colorado Blind Bowlers Association

Click here and share a memory with a man, G. A. Newbern, who had everything. God's love and this brood of grandchildren.
Grand Kids

torah rediscovered

here you will find a connection between the first five books of the bible and how it points to the New Testament and jesus.
Torah Rediscovered

radio Drama

Down Gilead Lane

Come take a walk with us Down Gilead Lane


A 'Strodinary Little Maid



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